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vineri, 21 decembrie 2012

Sarbatori fericite!


Importer - not just a middleman

Importer - "someone whose business involves importing goods from outside (especially from a foreign country)" (Thesaurus dictionary) and "a person, country or company that buys products from another country in order to sell them" (Cambridge dictionary).
Whether it is clothes, food or cctv cameras, our business is not as simple and straightforward as its definition may make it to be...and when cctv products are concerned - far from it! The video surveillance market is wide and consists of various articles that range from small, simple and unchanged for decades (power supplies, accessories....) to complex and dynamic products (cctv cameras, IP cameras, dvr boards, standalone dvrs) to latest developed technologies (IP megapixel cameras, over 600tvl cameras, HD standalone dvr...).
Yes, it is a technology driven market and latest technologies make the rules! Who remembers VCRs, multiplexers and cctv monitors? They have all been replaced in the past decades by dvr boards, DVR standalone and PC monitors. How about cctv cameras? They were big, they had CMOS video boards and they were black/white because the color video boards were too expensive. Now can be fitted with color CCD which can go up to 1020x596 pixels (Effio dsp of Sony), zoom lens and can connect to internet (IP cameras).
We consider ourselves importers of technology and we feel responsible for the quality of products we bring to our country. Therefore we have set up our own set of rules regarding the products we import and offer to clients: all cameras must have color CCDs, 420tvl is the lowest video resolution accepted, the CCDs must be of latest generation, we only purchase from manufacturers which can provide CE, ROHS certification for their products and have R&D team. We check the products and observe how they function in order to anticipate any problems our clients could have and have the answer at hand - from client's point of view it is very important to have your problems solved quickly and correctly and we feel this is the professional thing to do.
Every quality focused importer should first purchase sample products: we conduct quality and functionality check on the sample products to make sure they deliver according to specifications sheet. We feedback our observations to the manufacturer and very often they improve their products as a result. It is of paramount importance to us to standby the products we sell and simply like them - their features as well as their appearance, in order to continue our business relationship with the respective supplier. As a consequence to this principle, we stopped our relationship with two suppliers because the quality of their products has decreased or we felt we couldn't rely on the supplier's support.
The other important relationship is with our clients - may they be professional installing companies or end-users. We provide technical consultancy free of charge to both type of clients in accordance with their needs, trying to achieve a balance between what they need, what they expect, what the current technology can offer them and what they can afford to pay. We feel that the responsibility of professional installing companies is to inform the end-users in respect of what the cctv products can or cannot do, but we are happy to do it ourselves when asked!
At the end of the day, the ultimate satisfaction is to get the call back - the client says he likes the product and wants to keep supplying from our company.

joi, 20 decembrie 2012

Preturi actualizate pentru clienti finali



Pasi pentru elaborarea unui sistem de supraveghere video

Departamentul pentru dezvoltare stiintifica a Home Office din Marea Britanie a elaborat in anul 2006 un Manual al cerintelor operationale cu privire la sistemele de supraveghere video destinat tuturor persoanelor fara cunostinte tehnice in domeniu care doresc sa achizitioneze si sa foloseasca sisteme cctv
Manualul are 62 de pagini, a fost reeditat in 2009 pentru a ilustra schimbarile tehnologice din domeniu si este un indrumar excelent atat pentru profani cat si pentru specialisti continand etape si pasi care trebuie urmati pentru a obtine un sistem de supraveghere video potrivit situatiei pentru care a fost instalat.

Pasul 1 reprezinta identificarea si definirea problemei: este vorba de amenintare a securitatii? sau o problema de siguranta publica? etc. Identificarea corecta este foarte importanta pentru ca altfel clientul risca sa cheltuie bani si timp pentru un sistem care nu va da randament pentru ca pur si simplu nu este cel adecvat situatiei. 

Pasul 2 se refera la identificarea problemelor specifice legate de sistemul de supraveghere in sine: obiectivul este sa defineasca in detaliu zonele puse in discutie, sa inteleaga problemele operationale si de raspuns, sa decida care sunt cele mai potrivite cerinte pentru sistemul de supraveghere si sa identifice implicatiile administrative. 

In pasul 3 se trece la elaborarea unui set de cerinte tehnice detaliate cu privire la sistem-utilizatorul sau instalatorul raspunde la o serie de intrebari menite sa clarifice specificatiile operationale.
In pasul 4 se strang informatiile suplimentare cu privire la designul sistemului: ce fel de camere, care sunt efectele compresiei asupra calitatii imaginii, etc.

Instalarea sistemului, punerea in functiune si evaluarea acestuia reprezinta pasul 5; acum se confirma pasul 1: daca problema a fost corect identificata, sistemul va avea rezultate, iar utilizatorul/instalatorul evalueaza in ce masura sistemul rezolva problema, daca este nevoie de schimbari sau imbunatatiri.

Mai multe detalii intr-un articol viitor.


marți, 11 decembrie 2012

Sa ne imaginam...

Va invitam la urmatorul exercitiu: lucrati la firma Accent GIP, sunteti tehnician si aveti un client care a venit cu planul cafenelei sale pentru a-l consilia in legatura cu alcatuirea unui sistem de supraveghere video. 
Ce camere de supraveghere video i-ati propune sa cumpere? mentionati rezolutia, lentila, cu ir sau fara, alte functii necesare, unde ar trebui amplasate, etc. 
Este una din situatiile comune pe care le intalneste un importator.

vineri, 7 decembrie 2012

Aveti intrebari?

Noi va dam raspunsurile! 
Camere cu lentila fixa, camere cu lentila varifocala, camere cu zoom, camere de interior, camere de exterior, camere cu meniu osd, lentila pentru monitorizare panoramica, lentila pentru sertarul de la casa de marcat, rezolutie 600ltv, inregistrare la real-time, s.m.d. 
Spuneti-ne ce anume doriti sa supravegheati si ce buget doriti sa alocati pentru un sistem si noi va facem propuneri adecvate. 
Va asteptam intrebarile la 0722.613.793 sau 0314.278.528!